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Step 1
Click to select the Contestant of your choice.

Step 2
Enter the following details:
i. your email Address,
ii. Amount of Votes,
iii. Payment option

of Payment to Vote. There are currently Three payment Methods, they are:
a. Paystack
b. Aimtoget (MTN Airtime PIN)
c.Bank Transfer or Deposit Vote

Paystack: this option requires the use of debit card for payment (by card holders) or Direct Bank Account Number (for individuals who cannot use or do not have a debit card. International Cards can also be used for payments. If you are have issues with receiving OTP or encounter difficulties when using Paystack, contact our support Team for assistance.

If you are having issues receiving OTP or difficulty using Paystack, kindly contact our Support Team by Click Here for assistance.

Aimtoget (Airtime PIN): This requires the use of any Nigeria based Telecommunication Airtime or Recharge Card PIN. The worth of the PIN should be atleast equivalent to the cost of the votes, (only MTN Recharge PINs are currently available for this option of payment).

For now, Only MTN Recharge Card PIN can be used.

Step 3
After selecting your payment methods, select the “Click to Vote button”

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